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This story contains no graphic descriptions and all the High School students are 18 years old. Sonic ran outside and ran to the bus stop where people were getting on the bus."Tails! " said Knuckles to Tails before getting on the bus.

SONIC HIGH SCHOOLCHAPTER 1Sonic woke up and looked at the clock. Sonic put his clothes on really fast and ran out of his room because he is fast. " said Sonic as he ran past Sonic's Mom."You will regret this," said Sonic's Mom, leering at him from the kitchen stove, wearing aprons and oven mitts on her hands. Sonic ran so fast to the bus and he got on the bus after Tails."Just in time," said Sonic, huffing and puffing like he was doing the Cupid Shuffle for the first time.

Genre(s): Action / Adventure , Crossover , Drama , Fantasy , LGBTQ , Mystery , Romance , Sci-Fi , Young Adult Rating: NC-17 Fandom(s): Buffy: The Vampire Slayer , The L Word Character(s): Alex , Alice , Angel , Angus , Bette , Bo , Buffy , Carmen , Cat , Dana , Faith , Fay Buckley , First Evil , Glorificus-Glory , Helena , Jane , Kennedy , Kit , Lauren , Lena , Louise , Maura , Melvin , Olivia , Oz , Richard Wilkins , Robin Wood , Shane , Sharon , Stef , Tina , Willow , Xander Story Shortlink:

p=94849 Views: In this chapter: -Louise organize the combat-squads to fight the First Evil -Many couples get married -The allies received a little help from unknown people -Buffy gives us a surprise -The new garment of the warriors is making Tina crazy -The First Evil is preparing a treacherous thrust In the midst of their fight Tina receives an offer she cannot refuse.

Sonic did not like English very much, but he did not like any class very much that was not about running and going fast, which is what Sonic does best. Lesson was tall and white and had gray hair and she was not pretty. Sonic knew this because he had written in it so many times it was crazy! Lesson opened to a totally random page and it was the worst page she could pick. "Dear Journal, I called the doctor today about a problem. They are itchy and it is difficult to sit still with them because they are so itchy. " said Sonic, but he reacted too late because it was already read, all of it. "You should tell everyone that it is okay to have problems with your balls and that they probably have problems that they do not want everyone to know about too so stop laughing at me." Sonic thought Tails was right because Tails was smart.

Sonic got to his class and sat down in his seat."It is journal day," said Sonic's English teacher, Mrs. "Take out your journals and put them in a pile and I will read one of your entries to the class." Sonic took out his blue journal and ran to the front quickly and put his journal on her desk and ran back to his desk, all with his head down and not talking or looking at anyone. I have to back up against stucco surfaces and rub up and down on them to relieve the itchiness. Creams only make my ball sweat smell like the breath of a thoroughbred and I think Amy (my Girl Friend) noticed. Everyone in the class laughed and Sonic felt like an idiot asshole because now everyone knows all about his ball problems. " shouted Sonic but everyone was laughing so loud that they did not hear him and Sonic was just so embarrassed and mad and sad but more embarrassed so he ran out of the class fast. Knuckles was there too, so he said "Sonic what's is this I heard about you're having problems with your penis and balls? " and Sonic did a dance move."Wow, cool, let's kiss," said Amy and Sonic and Amy kissed right there in the class and some of the other people in the class watched but the teacher wasn't there yet so they didn't get in trouble and who is gonna tell Sonic he can't kiss his girl friend in class.

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Rouge was telling Amy about Sonic's gay ball problems and Amy was Sonic's Girl Friend but she thought it was just the funniest thing ever.

Class ended and Sonic went to Amy quick and did not stop on the way.

p=94825 Views: In this chapter: -Jane opens the investigation on the disappearing of Dana and Harrison -Tasha meets Alice -How Jane and Maura met -Who is the redhead and who does she work for? Beyond the Hellmouth, similar coordinates than Sunnydale, earth date, Sunday am.

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