Corpus scriptorium ecclesiasticorum latinorum online dating

The regularization and hardening of broad patterns of communication between northern and southern Europe, caused in part by the permeation of Carolingian influence throughout Italy, allowed for a northerly flow of texts and objects associated with Michael's veneration.

Only in the late eighth or early ninth centuries did the monastery of Tallaght formally revere the archangel whose purificatory powers affirmed the spiritual goals of the cél De movement. Electronic Text available at (accessed 1 March 2006). In Millénaire monastique du Mont Saint-Michel, -80. Despite its stylistic deficiencies, the Revelatio deserves accessibility, and not the least because it offers an opaque glimpse of the origins of the great French shrine in honor of the "Doorkeeper of Paradise." As but one text among a largely unknown corpus to extol the Archangel's efficacy, it articulates one view of the figure of Michael by delineating his spiritual roles along with the expectations of his votaries and the means by which they comprehended and venerated him (Bonnet 1889, 289-307; Bachmann 1893, 20-23; Liber de apparitione; Poncelet 1906, 541-548; Müller 1962; Cross 1986, 23-35).


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