Alia bhatt dating

All through the weekend, we spotted Shah Rukh accompany Ab Ram to his rehearsals.

It was without a doubt that the entire family would come together to watch the little one shine on stage for the first time.

Of course, after watching them as such a perfect couple on the screen, people started talking! Shah Rukh Khan was happy with his family as always and Sushmita Sen was just fine being an independent single mom!

The NEXT Star had to apologize to his ex-wife and his father!

A video from the event saw Ab Ram, dressed as a star and dancing with his classmates to his father's song 'Yeh Tara Woh Tara' from the film 'Swades'.

Dressed in all black and a shiny star overall, Ab Ram dazzled under the spotlight as he nailed his routine and made sure to have fun while he was at it.

The story of this couple started when they were shooting for the movie Daawat-e-Ishq.


This may sound crazy and absurd but there are some couples in this industry that fake their relationship for the publicity! That they are using all the opportunities they can to get the fame they are after and you are just right!This one happened just after the movie Kites was released!


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